IT Going Green

The Technology Department strives to do the right thing and make decisions that are not just budget conscious, but are also environmentally conscious.  Here are a few examples of how we have increased our green efforts.

  • Automatically shutting computers down at night: In 2008, the District developed a custom software application that automatically powers down school computers each night. National Grid estimates over $150,000 in annual electrical savings to the District. The District benefits from the cost savings and the environment benefits from the reduction in pollution generated.
  • Computer technician assignments: Computer technicians in the District were once assigned to quadrants, to all the high schools, or to all the middle schools. This often created cross-city commutes to fix trouble tickets resulting in a lot of gas being burnt. In 2008, the technician assignments were reconfigured geographically. For example, one technician now services Burncoat High, Burncoat Middle, Burncoat Elementary and Norrback Elementary. All of these schools are right along (or not far off of) Burncoat Street. This solution provides a higher level of service to the user as well as providing a green dividends.
  • Recyling our eWaste Responsibly: We are proud to say we recycle that waste responsibly and locally. The Worcester Public Schools has partnered with Metech which has a local facility on Blackstone River Road in Worcester. Metech is an e-Steward and is part of the Basel Action Network, which insures eWaste is not dumped in Third World countries.